Writing activities for the house on mango street

I will explain that group presentations will continue on the next day. I will then ask students to refer to these points so that they can strengthen their pieces for their final copy. If needed, I will add my own comments on vignettes being discussed, paying attention to textual features, voice, and meaning.

I will hand out prompts inspired by each vignette which students can use to facilitate their writing. Procedure Timed Outline of Class Activities: Role of Women - The role of women is a huge theme in House on Mango Street, even in the early vignettes. Applicable for both middle and high school students.

Class discussion will ensue. For homework, I will ask students to pick their favorite vignette and using the suggestions and feedback that they received from me and their peers, create and type or neatly handwrite a finished product with attention to language and textual features, audience, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

As speakers and writers, students will use oral and written language for self-expression and artistic creation. The answer is nothing. It is a scaffolded set of notes that include examples, pictures, and even song clips for learning figurative language in more ways than one!

The answer is a family crest, giving students the opportunity to learn more about their unique cultures and connecting their lives to the life of the main character, Esperanza. What would they teach me about the given vignettes?

I will explain that we are now going to read two pieces of writing, and through the language and textual features of the writing, we will discover how meaning is made and how language, style, voice, and point of view contribute to meaning.

I will walk around, listen to students, assist them if needed, and assess their participation. A great time-saver and way to have them learn independently and still be productive towards finishing their previous unit.

What if they were the teachers for the day? Thus I created a notes sheet and lesson designed to help students grasp the main ideas of each vignette.

I will inform students that they will present their findings to their classmates when done. The House on Mango Street: As speakers and writers, they will present, in oral and written language and from a variety of perspectives, their opinions and judgments on experiences, ideas, information and issues.

This is not a joke! Students will use oral and written language for effective social communication with a wide variety of people. I will answer any questions about the assignment. To finish things out with my eighth graders, I created a final project--vignette-writing!

What if I made my students and I switch roles? What does friendship mean to us? As speakers and writers, they will use oral and written language to acquire, interpret, apply, and transmit information.

As listeners and readers, students will analyze experiences, ideas, information, and issues presented by others using a variety of established criteria. I will ask students what they thought of their writing experience and also if they would like to continue reading the rest of The House on Mango Street.

See Attached — Scaffolding of first vignette -- Questions to help students.The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is written as a series of vignettes. Lesson plans include analyzing figurative language in The House on Mango Street, characters, and more.

Student Activities for The House on Mango Street Include: The House on Mango Street Summary; Esperanza turns to writing and decides that she will use her. The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

Group Activities and Culminating Projects Compare the stories to The House on Mango Street and note similarities and differences in the ideas and writing style. Write an essay comparing the two works.

writing activities, individual assignments, presentations, and hands-on learning as well.

House on Mango Street

To ensure the success of students with dyslexia, there is no point at any time in the unit where a student is forced to read aloud.

Students will be asked to Is The House on Mango Street written in Cisneros’. Activity Pack P RESTWICK H OUSE. The House on Mango Street Suggestions • Activities for one group of students may not be suitable for all. We encourage you to select activities that are appropriate for the level you teach.

• These are activities, not exercises; as. Veronica's Teaching Portfolio. Search this site. Home. Methods I. Field Experience Journal 1 (Classroom Atmosphere) Procedure (Timed Outline of Class Activities): fashioned after the writing in The House on Mango Street.

The House on Mango Street Writing Activity - Compare yourself to Esperanza Find this Pin and more on The House on Mango Street Ideas by Beth Corbit.

Middle School Reading Middle School English Middle School Teachers Sandra Cisneros Pre Reading Activities The House On Mango Street Fiction Books Teaching American Literature High Schools.

Writing activities for the house on mango street
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