Writing a letter to husbands mistress

You destroyed my dignity so causing a scene will mean nothing to me at this point. We needed to want each other again body and soul. Please do not ever make the mistake of entering my life again. Might I suggest relocating? Not that today is any different, it has been four years of anxious nights since you left, four years of forced conversations, four years of fake laughter, and four years of pulling off the farce of a happy family — and yet, something about the sameness of it all makes me want to make a change.

In a strange way, I feel I owe you my gratitude. You were just the easiest to get with. He will always know you as the girl who was the worst mistake of his life.

Things would have gone much differently.

Australian woman's open letter to her husband's mistress

You might go on to say that my helpless tired husband found peace and solace in your arms. I can only hope you teach your children better. Contact Author Where do I begin?

I cannot blame you for your involvement with my husband.

An Open Letter To My Husband's Girlfriend

Do we try to save our marriage because that is the right thing to do, or do we believe we have no other choice? The revelation of your affair brought all the inevitable emotions, but what prevailed was a sudden self-awareness. That they were busy cooking and cleaning, taking care of their children, or his old grandmother, or his brother without a job?

While he was sleeping with you he was messaging other people trying to hook up with them and get them to do what you were doing for him already - entertain him.

I am curious about you. Please select a reason for reporting. You robbed me of the security of my marriage. Are we really so forgiving? I look into the eyes of my 10 month old son and my mind races forward to 5 years from now when the questions start. I am, of course, aware that these snippets do not truly represent your essence.

Ten years later I was the mum in the yoga pants with the silver regrowth and bags under her eyes from being up all night with a sick baby. You caused the most severe pain I have ever felt along with the most embarrassment of my life.

Her and her husband, though separated, are okay now. We had our ups and downs, our hard times and our bumpy roads but we were a family and you destroyed that. May life give you everything you deserve!

I cannot force myself to feel the love I no longer feel. If I finally send it, maybe I can let go. And yet, it sure seemed like he was — less unhappy with you — than with me.

Writing has been such a massive part of my healing. I hope you are happier now. You killed the love that I was living. Thank you for dispelling the doubts and bringing out the sun.

Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Cheating Husband’s Mistress. This Is Gold.

Someday, my daughter will understand too. Our children are the same age. My marriage will heal with time. You would tell me how much you enjoyed gripping your headboard while he rocked your world. Because, to me, you are nobody.

So excuse me when I tell you that you are officially nothing more than a home wrecking whore. My prayer is that you will be honest with your husband about how you destroyed my family before small town gossip does it for you.A Letter To My Husband’s Mistress.

by Sejal Parikh · September 30, Dear Mistress, Maybe this letter was a letter of gratitude after all. Thank you – speaking to you got me to accept things I’d only have fidgeted with within me to rage a storm amidst many more! Thank you for dispelling the doubts and bringing out the sun.

Jul 13,  · This is a letter written to the woman my husband was having an affair with for almost a year leading up to our divorce. Gender and Relationships» Marriage; Cheating and Affairs while married: A letter to my husbands mistress. Updated on October 21, Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal and Writing.

Business and Employment. Reviews: Dear Other Woman, I wanted to write you a letter but I couldn’t figure out what to say, so I looked up 'letter to my husband’s mistress' on the Internet expecting to find some empathy there in all these letters addressed to the respective mistresses.

Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Cheating Husband’s Mistress. This Is Gold. by Mary Sue · April 20, Are you ready for one of the craziest craigslist listings you have ever read? This wife found the other party member to her husband’s philandering and she writes a vicious diatribe.

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You might think it’s crazy, but she probably. An Australian woman has penned a brutally honest open letter to her husband's mistress, citing the moment she felt she knew she wasn't the only one in the relationship, and the ensuing break-up.

A woman who was heartbroken to find out her husband was cheating on her after she received an email from his mistress while at work has written an incredibly powerful open letter to the other woman.

Writing a letter to husbands mistress
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