Write in different fonts

Rather than choosing the more formal "Times New Roman" or "Helsinki Metronome" fonts, use a more unusual font like "Reprise Rehearsal". Check out our tool below.

You may also click on the Microsoft Word icon your desktop. More formal letters should use a formal font, Write in different fonts less formal letters may use a more whimsical font.

You may also go to the "Font" field toward the top of the page when you are in the "Home" window and click on the down arrow near that field. Choose the font which you want to use. Create text-based logos or images with Cool Fonts Below is a collection of cool fonts.

The type of fonts available to you may depend on the type and version of the word processing program on your computer. But it takes the time to find cool fonts that are free yet of high quality.

Handwritten Fonts

Use a more playful font for a letter to a friend. Choose the one you wish to use. To make things easier for you and help you find the cool fonts for your project, we would like to suggest you browse our font collections first, generate a preview of them.

Things You Will Need. Note the sender and the purpose for the letter. Handwritten letter writing used to be the usual way to communicate, and so choosing fonts for your letter was not an option.

For a formal letter like a business letter, use a formal looking font like "Times New Roman. For example, a cool font for graffiti and a cool font for logo design may be very different things. In this case, we suggest that you have a look at myfonts.

With the increased use of technology, though, this traditional method of communication is becoming obsolete.

Cool Fonts

For example, the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Word may include fonts not available on the Vista version of Microsoft Word. If you are using Micorsoft Word on a computer such as Vista then you can right click anywhere on the document to pull up a box which lists various items including "font.

Now writing letters in different fonts is not difficult. For example, one font we like is Graffiti Classicwhich is a graffiti-inspired font that blends the improvisational urban quality of graffiti and regularity of typography.

Depending on different projects, you might take a look at our popular pages like tattoo fonts, graffiti fonts, cursive fonts, etc.

Font testing made easy

But youo can also write a letter to a friend on the computer.mi-centre.com helps you choose fonts by quickly displaying your text with your fonts. Tryout fonts and see how they render in real-time before you buy. See how typefaces will look like using various sample layouts. These handwritten fonts are drawn using any kind of writing instrument like pen, pencil, felt marker, brush, etc.

Quality fonts from the world’s best foundries.

How to Write Letters in Different Fonts

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Watch video · When I was learning how to write in grade school, I noticed that all my teachers wrote with near-identical handwriting on the chalkboard. In middle and high school, the handwriting of my teachers became more varied.

Type Zebra is a Font Tester. Test your fonts in a web browser and try fonts online for free.

Compare local fonts with Google Fonts and Adobe Edge Fonts.

Write in different fonts
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