Write an expression to show the sum of x and y chromosome

Analyzing gene expression during these very early meiotic stages is inherently difficult because transcription levels throughout the genome, as assayed by tritiated uridine uptake Monesi and Cot1 RNA FISH Turner et al.

Studies in other organisms, principally Caenorhabditis elegans, has shown that asynapsis of the X chromosome is a universal driving force for MSCI Bean et al. When errors occur, it can use other parts of itself as a template to correct them.

Microarray-based analysis in Drosophila Parisi et al. Most of the sequence pairs are greater than There are unique genes located in X chromosome. The presence or absence of this chromosome determines gonadal sex.

EECS 31/CSE 31/ICS 151 Homework 2 Questions with Solutions

The Y chromosome is small compared with the X, but is required to keep levels of some genes high enough for mammals to survive.

In the case of the Y chromosomes, the palindromes are not noncoding DNA ; these strings of bases contain functioning genes important for male fertility. But while the X chromosome has remained large throughout evolution, with about genes, the Y chromosome lost most of its genetic material early in its evolution; it now retains less than of those original genes.

Because researchers use different approaches to genome annotation their predictions of the number of genes on each chromosome varies for technical details, see gene prediction. This has been accompanied in Drosophila and mice by an excess of retrotransposition of genes off the X chromosome and onto autosomes Betran et al.

The resulting retroposed copies are expressed specifically during and after MSCI, suggesting that they compensate for the silencing of their X-linked counterparts Wang The bulk of the Y chromosome, which does not recombine, is called the "NRY", or non-recombining region of the Y chromosome.

Meiosis is a highly specialized cell division that serves to convert diploid cells into haploid daughters and to allow the exchange of genetic information between maternal and paternal homologs Zickler and Kleckner Thus, despite the disappearance of nearby genes, these genes have persisted on the Y chromosomethe team reports online today in Nature.

During the first phase, spermatogonia undergo approximately ten mitotic divisions, forming A, Intermediate and then finally B type-spermatogonia. However, this dogma was challenged when it was noted that repressive chromatin marks, such as histone H3 dimethylated at lysine 9 H3K9me2 and the heterochromatin-associated CBX1 protein remain associated with the X and Y during the meiotic divisions and into early round spermatid development Khalil et al.

For example, the platypus relies on an XY sex-determination system based on five pairs of chromosomes. Based on many studies performed using mostly mouse as a model, MSCI is known to start in spermatocytes at the pachytene stage of meiotic prophase I with phosphorylation of histone H2A variant X by ATR- and MDC1-mediated spreading of this signal over the sex chromosomes [ 1516 ].

Females have two X chromosomes while males have only one X chromosome. Males inherit their X chromosome exclusively from the mother. Thus, any unpaired meiotic chromosome was silenced if it failed to synapse. Y chromosome has an SRY gene. In mammalian males, sex chromosomes are highly heteromorphic and only recombine via a small region usually located at the tip of the chromosome the PAR, pseudoautosomal regionwhile in females the X chromosome can recombine.

Second, in male mice carrying X-autosome or autosome—autosome translocations, both of which prevent synapsis between autosomal homologs, the resulting unsynapsed autosomal regions became transcriptionally silenced, just like the X and Y chromosomes in normal male pachytene cells Baarends et al.

We propose that post-meiotic selective constraints are at the basis of the enrichment of spermatid-specific genes and of the peculiar chromatin composition of the sex chromosomes and of parts of chromosome Such groups include Drosophilasome other insects, some fish, some reptiles, and some plants.

This was subsequently borne out by RNA FISH data; although X-linked genes were found to be robustly silenced in pachytene cells, the same genes showed variable levels of reactivation in spermatids; some remained silent whereas others reactivated Mueller et al. X chromosome reactivation was originally believed to occur after germ cells enter the gonad, just before the initiation of meiosis Kratzer and Chapman ; Monk and McLaren ; Tam et al.

Over time, genes that were beneficial for males and harmful to or had no effect on females either developed on the Y chromosome or were acquired through the process of translocation.

Expression and epigenomic landscape of the sex chromosomes in mouse post-meiotic male germ cells

Only male genome contains Y chromosome; this is inherited from the father. Considering the many reports of XY-linked genes expressed and needed in the post-meiotic phase of mouse spermatogenesis, it is still unclear whether or not the mouse sex chromatin is a repressive or permissive environment, after meiosis.

This exchange correlates with the transient disappearance and reappearance of H3-linked inactivating histone marks and is thought to be linked to the requirement to reactivate selected X-linked genes in the postmeiotic period van der Heijden et al.

It is because of this disregard for the rules that the Y chromosome is such a superb tool for investigating recent human evolution.Write an expression that computes the sum of the two variables verbalScore and mathScore (already declared and assigned values).

Write a statement to add the values of x and y together, storing the result in sum. (The variables have already been declared and x and y have already been initialized.) sum=x+y. EECS 31/CSE 31/ICS Homework 2 Questions with Solutions. View Questions Only View Questions with Strategies.

Problem 1 Question (Theorems of Boolean algebra) Give proofs to the following theorems. Theorem 3(a) and (b) Write out sum of product expression of this truth table. Here, we describe how the expression of sex-linked genes varies during germ cell development; in females, the inactive X chromosome is reactivated before meiosis, whereas in males the X and Y chromosomes are inactivated at this stage.

Write the given expression in terms of x and y only. sin(sin^−1 (x) + cos^−1 (y))1/5(1). The Y chromosome is small compared with the X, but is required to keep levels of some genes high enough for mammals to survive. Andrew Syred/Science Source Y Chromosome Is More Than a Sex Switch. Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY) is not an aneuploidy of the Y chromosome, but a condition of having an extra X chromosome, which usually results in defective postnatal testicular function.

The mechanism is not fully understood; it does not seem to be due to direct interference by the extra X with expression of Y genes.

Write an expression to show the sum of x and y chromosome
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