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Changes can be made to any of the 3 manuscripts provided that the dissertation committee members are aware of and agree to the changes being made and their rationale. If the committee has more than one chair, all chairs must be physically present; in these cases, no additional voting member is required to be physically present.

It is expected that the three articles submitted for the defense are of publishable quality. A maximum of one article published or accepted for publication prior to the proposal defense may be included. Students must be enrolled during the semester they complete their preliminary exam.

Please make sure references are single-spaced and double-spaced between and that you do not split the reference citation on separate pages: You need not have all of your revisions from your final committee completed to have the format checked.

The composition of the final doctoral committee need not be identical to the preliminary examining committee. Also after the successful dissertation defense, any new submission or re- submission, including changes in the authorship or article content, will be at the discretion of the PhD graduate.

Subheadings should be in upper and lower case.

Thesis & Dissertation

If there are two lines to a heading, single space and line up the second line of text with the first word of the heading; make sure the first line does not overlap the page numbers. The outline must include the function of each presented section.

However, only in unusual circumstances will the composition of these committees differ. However, the committee chair, student, and at least one additional voting member of the committee must be physically present for the entire duration of all oral components of the prelim and final examinations.

The dissertation should be comprised of a minimum of three articles. Students must be first author on all articles. Upon completion of the discussion as determined by the chair, the candidate and the non-committee members present are asked to leave for the committee to deliberate.

Do not center all of your subheadings. No other students can be co-authors on any of the articles. In the case of a revise and resubmit during the dissertation process, any changes to the article must be approved by the dissertation committee.

The same committee must re-examine the student, The second exam must occur within calendar days of the date of first exam, and The outcome of the second exam must be pass or fail The committee must render a unanimous decision and sign the Certificate of Result.

The committee shall consist of a minimum of four voting members, three of whom must be members of the graduate faculty of the UIUC and two of whom must be tenured.

The candidate may proceed with the dissertation. The student may not be granted another opportunity. The need for three articles as opposed to just two should be clear and approved by the dissertation committee, and not merely represent minor tweaks of a work that would be more appropriately reported in just one or two articles.

Committee members then question the candidate. The Admissions and Records Officer will request the Graduate College Appointment of Doctoral Dissertation Committee form and will give this document to the Advisor the day of the hearing.

Questions are normally restricted to the findings and analysis, because questions of design are handled at the proposal hearing prior to the beginning of the research.

In situations where agency cooperation is required, negotiations with participating agencies should have begun. The dissertation must follow the APA editorial style and Graduate College guidelines in writing the dissertationfree of typographical and spelling errors, and grammatically correct.

Information on various aspects of the dissertation follows. If an article is rejected by a journal during the dissertation process, the student may submit to another journal approved by the dissertation committee. The hearing has two objectives: Three Article Dissertation Option PhD students also have the option of completing a three-article dissertation in lieu of the traditional dissertation.

If not present, committee members must participate in the examination via an appropriate electronic communication technology. The student may identify dissertation committee members who have made a significant contribution as co-authors on specific articles.

The committee has the following choices: The chair will inform the Graduate College if the student should be given a second examination.

The chair of the committee must be a member of the graduate faculty and a tenure track faculty of the School of Social Work; this includes a member on leave or on zero-time appointment. Preliminary and final examination committees need not have the same membership or chair.

The request for committee assignment form needs to be submitted to the Admissions and Records Officer at least two weeks prior to the hearing.

Graduate College Thesis Requirements

Students should decide as early as possible, in concert with their dissertation chair, whether to pursue the 3-disseration format. This includes the necessary clearances to access data, protection of human subjects, a reasonable time table and available resources to conduct the study.The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign confers graduate degrees in over units, and many of these departments have additional, discipline-specific format requirements.

Students should consult with their program regarding departmental format requirements and departmental thesis review procedures. This guide will help you find dissertations both from the University of Illinois and beyond. Dissertations can be hard to find, because they are not published like books.

The Persistence of Business Performance in Sample Soybean Farms from Mato Gross and Illinois Two Essays on Food Security in Zimbabwe An Analysis of the Gender Composition of the Consumer Economics Major Over Time: A Case Study of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Dissertation. The research question for the student’s doctoral dissertation shall derive from the student’s focus area and have significance for social work theory, practice, policy or administration.

Welcome to the Thesis Office! If you are in a program that requires the completion of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, we have the resources and information to help you successfully complete your deposit with the Graduate College.

IDEALS is the Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship and is the University's open repository of scholarly cont ent. Dissertations from Fall Present.

From Fall on, all graduate students depositing a dissertation or thesis to the Graduate College are required to do so electronically. After approval and degrees are .

University of illinois dissertation
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