Tom brennan was daniel the only one to blame

They could of helped him. Tom was angry that night.

This quote is showing that, even though Tom seems to not care about the way his mother is grieveing, he is still being deeply impacted, day by day. This quote mainly relates to the theme family. One giant leap for mankind.

Eventually Daniel just walked away. The author uses this quote to show that Daniel has done something wrong, something so wrong that the family fears that he may never be forgiven.

This quote has a big impact on the plot, because this quote finally makes everyone start to think about Daniel and about the good thinks that he has done is life. Describe the context of the quote. These themes show how the family has been outcast from the town. This quote relates to the themes of family, conflict, freedom and justice.

This shows us the effect the incident had on different families and the immediate reactions of different characters. This quote is said to Tom by Kylie. If only they had paid enough attention to Daniel maybe they could witness how badly he was coming off the rails.

Maybe parts of him have started to have a different outlook on life, but not that everything van be changed. This quote relates to the themes of Family.

This quote is said by Tom. What he had done is unforgivable and he is finally being told that by someone. This quote is actually something that she wants Tom to tell Daniel. JC Burke intended this to reflect on how Daniel would been viewed by other people. When Claire approached him and exclaimed that their relationship was over.

Tom Brennan

Tom had walked away that night. Just before the accident occurred there had been a fight between Fin and Daniel. His mother knew this, but even she was scared of what he was capable of. The people around him were also to blame.

Whilst Daniel still thinks that everything has to be about winning. This quote is said to show how Tom is now thinking of life. Which turned out to be the worst choice you could possibly make. To ask to repair things that needed fixing.

Because it delves into different points of view of the incident and the effects it has on individual characters and family units. The author is using this quote to make sure that not all sense of family has been lost. This shows that Daniel may have changed the way he thinks of some things, he still has that general arrogance that he always used to have.The town is looking for someone to blame for the accident, Daniel is the obvious choice "Daniel Brennan was an accident waiting to happen.

An Accident waiting to happen.

THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN Teaching Support Kit CONTENTS Notes on the author 3 Synopsis 4 Genre, structure and style 5 to one who is able to accept the Tom at first does not seem to appreciate any of his grandmother’s efforts, but by the end of the story, he not only recognises the merit in his grandmother, but.

1. “Daniel Brennan was an accident waiting to happen.” ‘In The Story of Tom Brennan, Daniel is the only one to blame for this tragedy.’ Do you agree?

2. “That was the morning Tom Brennan came back, forever.” What struggles does Tom face in The Story of Tom Brennan as he tries to rediscover his sense of self? 3. daniel the only one to blame in this story?

Daniel Brennan is the main character of the story,' Tom Brennan'. He plays an 18 year old son, who makes a decision that completely ruins his life and his reputation. Daniel is the oldest of the kids in the Brennan family and is his younger brother tom’s idol.

Daniel is a very good rugby player and is also well known because of it. After a big win Daniel and a few of the players decided to celebrate the victory with some drinks.

McCarten Aimee 10E English. Search this site. Reading and Responding. Writing Folio. Navigation. Tom Brennan Quotes. THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN. QUOTES. Learning Intention: The purpose of this activity is to understand This quote is a very big part of the plot because it is when Daniel makes his first apology to one of the families .

Tom brennan was daniel the only one to blame
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