The philippines landslide essay

Philippine police have been conducting frequent night raids and revived a curfew for minors that has not been enforced for years. Lack of water resources has a trickle down effect to the manufacturing sector as well, leading to lower economic production.

Philippines: A country prone to natural disasters

Muddy-debris flows in alpine areas cause severe damage to structures and infrastructure and often claim human lives. Bohol earthquake, October In the early The philippines landslide essay hours of October 15, the island province of Bohol, located in Central Visayas in the Philippines, was disrupted by the deadliest earthquake in the Philippines in 23 years.

It has been estimated that the energy the quake released was equivalent to 32 Hiroshima bombs. This brought us the chance to have a closer look to the issues of this country concerning drugs, poverty, education, crimes, family and many others. They tend to be larger than shallow landslides and form along a plane of weakness such as a fault or bedding plane.

Clay, fine sand and silt, and fine-grained, pyroclastic material are all susceptible to earthflows. When the water level adjacent to the slope falls rapidly the groundwater level frequently cannot dissipate quickly enough, leaving an artificially high water table.

It was a quick clay slide killing one person. The landslide is thought to be among the largest in history. Flims Rockslideca. Cumulatively, these disasters cause an average of over 1, deaths per year. Following the landslide, a day suspension of all mining operations in the town was ordered.

Jennilyn Olayres hugs her partner, Michael Siaron, on the street where he was shot.

Causes of landslides

Damage usually derives from a common underestimation of mud-debris flows: Debris from the initial small failure eroded older deposits from the volcano and incorporated additional water and wet sediment from along its path, increasing in volume about ninefold.

Most typhoons originate from the southeast and travel north, increasing in speed and intensity as they approach the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda in late increased these totals by between 15 and 25 percent.

Rock falls, disrupted rock slides, and disrupted slides of earth and debris are the most abundant types of earthquake-induced landslides, whereas earth flowsdebris flowsand avalanches of rock, earth, or debris typically transport material the farthest.

One rainfall event for example in Sri Lanka in May triggered hundreds of landslides, killing people and rendering overpeople temporarily homeless. The Philippines is now politically independent — in fact a full-fledged Republic.

It exhibits typically a long run-out, flowing very far over a low angle, flat, or even slightly uphill terrain.The term landslide or, less frequently, landslip, refers to several forms of mass wasting that include a wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, deep-seated slope failures, mudflows and debris flows.

The Philippines’ Landslide Mass wasting is defined as the down slope movement of rock and regolith near the Earth’s surface mainly due to the force of gravity.

Rock slides and debris slides result when rocks or debris slide down a pre-existing surface, such as a bedding plane, foliation surface, or joint surface. The Landslide Killed 19 people 18 of them were children who were attending school when the landslide occurred.

Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency: The Philippines

The landslide also wiped out two houses in its path of destruction. The landslide blocked a river which posed a risk of flooding so people were evacuated from the area as a precaution.

Country Fast Facts:Philippines. Share; Tweet Reddit Decades of Muslim insurgency in the southern Philippines have led to a peace accord with one group and an ongoing cease-fire and peace talks. Some say the real threat to the Philippines is not drugs but Duterte himself in which he repeated the vow that saw him elected by a landslide in.

A landslide is the movement of rock, earth, or debris down a sloped section of land.

The philippines landslide essay
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