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After all I am alive only by accident. Now, if you were romanticizing oblivion, I would get my girlfriends, talk about you behind your back, stage an intervention, save you from yourself.

She saw herself as a product of a male society, molded by men to suit their particular whims or needs. She does not want the act to hurt; either herself or others. In her quest for survival, Plath uncannily resembled Hedda Gabler, the title character of the Henrik Ibsen play.

Her final act was her ultimate affirmation of self in a world that would not let her or her words assume their holistic role. A Birthday Present was her way of saying to herself that she alone would have to make the decision to kill herself. The sea is second only to the moon as one of her favorite symbols.

Plath played at many roles in her life: In the same manner, trees become larger and more significant in her later poems. But then you would not have been you, the one who takes that misused finger bowl at the fancy lunch in The Bell Jar and turns the big bucket of awkward into the exquisite golden bowl of Images I Will Never Forget.

You would have been told how talented you are all the time. They are carbon monoxide. In these works, Plath does little to create a mask behind which she could create feelings analogous to her own. Rather, her recurring struggle was against uncontrolled subjectivity and self-dramatization.

Having failed to manipulate her manipulators, she tried to find identity by destroying her creators. Her own heart is a holocaust through which she must travel; it too has been victimized by fathers, mothers, husbands, men, gods. Rather, she simply charges frontally and attacks whoever she feels has somehow wronged her.

She is killed in several ways: It is shimmering, has it breasts, has it edges? She had sought identity in traditional places—parents, school, marriage, and work—but had not found enough strands to weave her various selves together. Also like Hedda, Plath felt that by rejecting the traditional demands placed on women, she could take one step toward assertion of an independent self.

Sylvia Plath Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

This duality in her self was never overcome, never expelled, or, worse, never understood. If it were death I would admire the deep gravity of it, its timeless eyes.

She attempted to reassemble her shattered selves after her first suicide attempt, to exorcize selves that seemed to her too horrible, and to invent selves that she felt she should possess.

She sees that death has been there all along just waiting for her to make this decision. You might have been an endowed chair at a university and taught whenever you felt like it. As a result of too much frontal assault and too little consideration for the poetic mode, some of these poems are not as successful as those in which she is at least in control of the poetic medium.

If you had lived, you might have been on a television show, with Oprah fawning all over you, cooing about your brilliant career. Only let down the veil, the veil, the veil. She begins in stark terror, realizing how much of her identity has been jeopardized.

“The Birthday Present”; Or, Sylvia Plath at 81

You overachieved, but it never felt like it. What remains constant throughout her life and the various modes in which she wrote, however, is the rooting of the poem in her own experience.

I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story.

Although her mode was not, in the strictest literary sense of the word, symbolic, she frequently resorted to symbols as primary conveyors of meaning, especially in some of her most personal and most obscure poems. The poet re-creates the associations as they occurred to her, as it was prompted by this everyday event of cooking.

In her mind she is living on borrowed time anyway. And she used the poem to convince herself that she was allowing herself to be killed little by little anyway.‘A Birthday Present’ is one of the poems published in ‘Ariel’ (), by Sylvia Plath.

The poem is from the first-person perspective of an unnamed narrator, who sets about asking what kind of present they are about to be given for their birthday. Feb 11,  · Sylvia Plath's Kitchen: Domestic monotony and domestic magic in "A Birthday Present": The marvellous against the backdrop of the quotidian .

Helle The Unraveling Archive: Essays on Sylvia Plath Michigan: University of Oct 26, On Sylvia Plath's birthday, we inevitably trot out the tributes for the For instance, Plath's. Sylvia Plath Homework Help Questions What are the figures of speech used in the poem "The Mirror" by Silvia Plath?In detail please!

A figure of speech in poetry is also known as literary devices or poetic devices.

A Birthday Present

In October ofmere months before her death, Plath recorded herself reading “A Birthday Present,” written the previous month and later included in. A Birthday Present - line by line analysis study guide by Jakesorel97 includes 31 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Explication of “a Birthday Present” by Sylvia Plath Essay George B 11/18/11 Explication of “A Birthday Present ” by Sylvia Plath For many readers, the draw of Sylvia Plath’s poetry is distinctly linked to her life as well as the desire to end her life.

Sylvia plath a birthday present essay
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