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Good physical exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, riding bicycle, playing soft ball, tennis are necessary to cope with stress. Social support helps reduce the effect of stress. Anxiety disorders are a disorder which makes the person experience random and frequent courses of fear 5 Types of Mental Illness and Disability.

The person may develop psychosomatic illness. About babies are born every week with a learning disability Papworth Trust Disability Facts and Figures People had the same diseases in the past but they did not know for sure what the causes were. Hans Selye, a renowned biological scientist defines stress as the nonspecific response of the body to any demand upon it.

One type of physical illness is cancer. Stress has a number of immediate effects. There is no doubt that over the last few years stress has become one of the major reasons for serious illnesses such as heart diseases, asthma, obesity, diabetes and headaches. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the most common treatments for cancer.

Physical stressors like noise, pollutions, climatic changes, etc. Also, when a person is experiencing chronic physical conditions, they are at a much higher risk of a declining mental health.

It is highly recommended by professionals that one never use stress-relieving techniques, such as violence and physically hurting the person who is causing the problem. Cancer and Diabetes are two strong examples for physical illnesses and how much each of them differ in medication and the types of treatment required.

In instrumental coping, a person focuses on the problem and tries to solve it. For example, the former must juggle many elements of life simultaneously, such as studying, family-related issues, social life, poor self-esteem, and even a part-time job.

Example of an Essay: Handling Stressful Situations

The time take for the wound to heal was a lot longer for carers Goldberg also states that: For example, a student can prepare well for forthcoming examination only if he has some stress.

Type one diabetes is an immune disorder where the body attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas Diabetes Basics: Injury or infections of the body, dangers in environment, major changes or transitions in life which force us to cope in new ways.

Any person who has a chronic physical illness is more likely to feel more mental distress than a healthy person. There are thousands of physical illnesses and they all are related to the body.How do woman deal with stress related issues Stress is one of the most important and critical causes of variety of problems faced by the individuals.

It can arise due to different reasons and its extent and incidence on each individual can be different too. Stress related illnesses essay about myself? Hsc english belonging creative writing questions.

Stress Related Illnesses Essay Writing

Research Support Link Between Stress and Illness Essay Sample ‘To what extent does research support a link between stress and illness’ (12 marks) There is proven to be correlation between stress & illness. Physical Illness is related to your body and not your mind.

Research Support Link Between Stress and Illness Essay Sample

As a whole, mental and physical illness are completely different, but when you start inspecting the smaller pieces of each illness, the more that they are similar.

extreme stress threatens people’s life. For example, stressed people tend to commit suicide more than other people. This is a scientific fact.

Secondly, being stressed affects people’s work life badly. Stress generally makes people feel so tense. Essay on Stress: It’s Meaning, Effects and Coping with Stress!

The person may develop psychosomatic illness. The stress leads to many psychosomatic diseases. Treatment for such diseases involves medical help for the physical problems and, at the same time, attention to the psychological factors producing the stress.

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Stress related illnesses essay writer
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