Qantas case study business management and change

However the warring parting failed to reach a solution during this time and Fair Work FWA Australia brought the dispute between Qantas and three unions to a close through binding arbitration.

The Crisis Nearing the end ofthree unions, representing engineers, baggage and catering staff and long-haul pilots in Qantas went on strike over pay and conditions, for several months. If the alternatives are not implemented, then Qantas consistent decline to market share will lead to future financial bankruptcy.

I saw that at Jetstar. Recent engine failures and emergency landing procedures with Qantas illustrated that long-haul pilots in particular display inefficient customer satisfaction.

Through counselling, role modelling and re-skilling, Employee will fill motivated as they are provided with support and boost morale leading to career path deifinition. An increase of share prices eg. This action stranded 68, passengers around the world and locked out Qantas employees in response to the protracted industrial dispute.

Nevertheless, engineers did express their satisfaction with the move to arbitration, describing it as the appropriate outcome for the appropriate time. Qantas Crisis Case Study: Retrenched staffs, on the other hand, should also be recognised through achievements for long-term services held in award ceremonies.

The vision also includes the continuation of low-cost subsidiary Jetstar into the international arena with a strong push into Asia through a new joint venture in Japan and a greater push into China and Vietnam.

Communication lines with Qantas workforce also seemed lacking particularly since Qantas was trying to achieve significant changes to work practices or employment conditions in the new agreement.

Since then Qantas set out on a modernization path whilst adapting to the global environment. I particularly liked the way he could express a vision. It is impartial and is also sometimes called the industrial-relations umpire.

The pilots union wants to ensure Qantas flights are operated by pilots paid at Qantas rates, not the lower Jetstar rates. Alan Joyce should delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees as employees will engage challenging work better according to McGregor Theory Y.

In particular its labor structures and wage costs which date back to being a government owned organisation. Qantas should prove to employees that the expansion of subsidiaries to Asian market will lead to capital appreciation which could leade to increase pay rise, increased job security and job entitlement.

He commenced his job as CEO three years ago at the age of 42 and he radiates enthusiasm for his work. He tend to start with a hypothesis and seeking to prove or disprove it, once again a legacy of his training in the basic discipline of science.

Critically discuss the leadership style of Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce as evident from the case and the change management strategies that he has used in dealing with the strike. His background operations research affords him a unique view of the world by allowing him to see a series of maths models at work in everything from queuing systems to the number of spare parts needed in maintenance shops.

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The impact has been felt at 22 airports, both domestically and internationally involving planes. Further adding to the pressure on Qantas is the severe competition from Virgin Australia in the domestic market. Ansett, also an Australian airline at that stage was the only other airline with a higher cost base and it collapsed in The crisis which faced Qantas duringis said have commenced in when the airline industry started going through a deregulation by the Australian government.

During the remaining 75 per cent of Qantas was sold to the public through a float on the Australian Stock Exchange. After this order, the parties were given 21 days to resolve the dispute.

Joyce argues that this is always his starting point and his decisions are always based on facts and although the information is never perfect the pulling together of the process is his strength.

According to Qantas this action has resulted in at least 80, passengers being affected, more than flights cancelled and seven aircraft grounded.

On the one hand, their concern was for job security and outsourcing — rather than pay. October 29, His vision is for the pared back division to return to profit within the next three years and return its cost of capital within five.

The Transport Workers Union, which represents baggage handlers and catering staff, wants to restrict work being sent outside Qantas.

However its cost base continued to climb. The immediate cost has been severe. The engineers, felt vulnerable for fear their work would be sent overseas and they want only limited outsourcing. He wants to cull unprofitable international routes, strip back investment in new international aircraft, and rely more on alliances with competitors.

Qantas Management and Alan Joyce will need to negotiate and communicate its strategic direction with its employees. Critically discuss the power issues evident from the case.

In you view, is a culture change required in Qantas? Justify your answer by critically discussing the current culture of Qantas and evaluating whether a culture change is necessary. They argue that the reaction from Alana Joyce was totally out of proportion to the issues.Case study: Change mangement in Qantas - Essay Example.

Case Study: Qantas Crisis

Comments (0) Add to wishlist Delete from wishlist. Nowadays, the concept of organisational change management is important in business landscape because number of business takeovers have notably increased over the last two decades.

This paper will critically analyse the case study. Qantas management has responded to change by implementing their new business goal: to become a more competitive, efficient and profitable business and modifying its business structure through the use of outsourcing; a flatter business structure and entering into strategic alliances.

However, as stated in the “Qantas Business Case Study. View Homework Help - 1 - Business Management and Change - Case Studies from MNGT at University of Newcastle. Business Management and Change - Case Studies Introductions Qantas: A company that.

Qantas management – a case study The management structure of Qantas evolved from the ownership of the Australian Government in to the privatisation in (Broadbridge, ). This change means that the corporation also transformed from an autocratic management style with hierarchical levels of power and authority within the.

Case study B.

Case study: Change mangement in Qantas - Essay Example

QANTAS AiRliNES By Dr Quamrul Alam,l Monash University BACKGROUND The airline industry in Australia has encountered major changes in its operating environment/5(2). Case Study – QANTAS Restructuring Lachlan Sorby This report was commissioned to examine QANTAS’ management processes and other business strategies.

Qantas case study business management and change
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