Presentation on energy crisis in india in ppt

Japan has shown that it is possible to drastically improve its GNP: Solar power for purposes of cooking and drying has been used for many years in our country.

Effective planning and diligent application will take us towards a bright tomorrow A Smooth Transition? Such a policy should take into account petroleum depletion, conservation efforts, and the transition to renewable sources, as well as other relevant issues, such as pollution-control and global warming which constrain many options, such as using more Coal.

Bus-passes through employer etc Provide late night service and early morning services Etcetera Energy Reduction in Industry: There are three aspects to consider in our energy outlookand each must be coordinated with the other two for the effort to be successful.

Trains running on electricity are more environment friendly as well as more energy efficient, since the frictional force of steel on steel is the lowest Tackle the Transport Industry — Urban 1: In addition to this, we need to focus now on replacing electricity from fossil fuels by solar and wind on a larger scale Formulating a Strategy — 1: We need to start pushing for renewables to replace other power sources Wind Energy is the most promising — Non-polluting, great potential, economically feasible Formulating a Strategy — 5: We need to start action NOW.

Colin Campbell, Petroleum Geologist, Dec www.

We seem to be running out of the cheap sources of energy. Fluctuation in power output with wind-speed requires either a largish grid or a mechanism e. Natural Gas cannot be a permanent replacement for oil Use of natural gas in daily life, e.

Hydrogen — Not a Feasible Fuel: Isolated implementation will be ineffective. It will involve changes in lifestyle for everyone Therefore, India needs a unified energy policy.

The Energy Crisis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

N Jatar Interview — Dr. The potential for large scale power generation from wind appears to be much higher than that of solar, and is also less capital intensive. This decline reflects the progress of efforts in industry to reduce the amount of oil and energy used.

The current policy seems directed towards increasing use of renewable energy sources for remote and rural areas where grid power is not available. They will help us answer all the questions about the future of energy Localized applications — Solar and Biomass Large scale applications — Wind, Hydro, Solar Policy is currently focused on use of renewables where conventional power supply does not reach, or is impractical.

Solar photovoltaic Solar thermal Super Solar Power — 2: This makes effectively implementing a birth control policy much harder. Very large savings are possible.

There is today a lack of coordination between the various ministries dealing with Coal and Hydro, Electricity, Petroleum, Non-conventional energy, and Scientific energy research. The main obstacle in utilizing solar power is the high technology cost involved and low energy density Solar energy can be exploited using two methods: GNP reductions after Oil price rises: Systems a consultation process?

At current Indian consumption rates, this would give us about 4 years more supply, though at world consumption rates, this will last for less than 2 months ERoEI: This transition period could be as long as 20 years. Caspian Sea oil is not likely to become a significant factor in the world oil scenario.

We need to start this transition mechanism soon, even if the oil peak may not be immediate Electricity From Renewable Sources: A one child policy must consider sociological and cultural issues.

There is a large time lag before consumers shift to alternatives or reduce demand In fact, some experts believe that a rise in oil prices increases demand on a short term basis. Wind energy deserves more attention.

Energy prices should be graded to punish wasteful behavior and reward efficiency The three major areas to attack are Energy reduction in industry in Transport -- by the Population The Population Predicament — 1: As a direct result of these efforts Wind farms have short building times of weeks Rechsteiner, Other advantages include no emissions, no fuel or disposal costs and low maintenance requirement Wind energy is one of the largest contenders to build our energy future — we need to realize this and act!

Advances in geological technology allow us to predict promising areas for oil — we now know reasonably well where new oil will be found Oil in the Caspian Sea has high sulfur content which corrodes the pipes and is expensive to extract and refine.

Indias Water Crisis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

No solution is immediately apparent The date of the oil peak is widely debated in geological circles around the world. There are many energy-efficiency engineers Now we need a Crash Programmewith many more incentives and bonuses for energy reductions in processes, product design and product user -- and penalties for failure.PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The Energy Crisis: Future Directions for India s Energy Policy' - niveditha An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting.

The Energy Crisis: Future Directions for India’s Energy Policy: 1 The Energy Crisis: Future Directions for India’s Energy Policy Systems Research Institute [email protected] Pune, August MW Wind Capacity Installed in Tamil Nadu Prepared by: Gireeja Ranade. Energy crisis ppt 1.

The supply of energy is far less than its demands can effect the whole mankind to run towards the development or daily purposes that crisis is called energy crisisDEMANDS IN ENERGY LACK OF ENERGY. Presentation On Energy Crisis In India In Ppt.

Selection of Topic: Energy Crisis is a shortfall in or interruption to the provision of energy supplies. The planet is progressively marching towards a serious electric energy crisis, owing to an escalating desire of electric energy becoming greater than its supply.

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The energy crisis: Background and Future Prospect of Energy Management Course in India - Distance management courses - MITSDE - Check out here, what are the scope of Distance MBA in Energy management.

The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "The Energy Crisis.

Presentation on energy crisis in india in ppt
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