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Ozai and Ursa had two children, Zuko and Azula. WikiNodes are pages on wikis that describe related wikis. Using the revision history, an editor can view and restore a previous version of the article.


They have only mentioned the want for Zuko to be multidimensional and not simply an evil villain but a human acting from a darker place in his past. Potential malware vector Malware can also be a problem for wikis, as users can add links to sites hosting malicious code.

MediaWiki and IIS redirect loop issue: how to fix it

Common uses included project communication, intranets, and documentation, initially for technical users. I had thought it would be an Asiad record but fell a little short.

In some cases, when an editor deletes an entire article and replaces it with nonsense content, it may be a "test edit", made by the user as she or he is experimenting with the wiki system.

MediaWiki on Subdomain (.htaccess rewrite)

If a wiki owner displays indifference and forgoes controls such as banning copyright infringers that he could have exercised to stop copyright infringement, he may be deemed to have authorized infringement, especially if the wiki is primarily used to infringe copyrights or obtains direct financial benefit, such as advertising revenue, from infringing activities.

Parsoid has a ton of tests and it would make sense to use those tests to rewrite Parsoid in PHP to make deployment easier. Cost — shared hosting is relatively cheap.

Here are the MediaWiki Users forums. The bot uses machine learning in lieu of heuristics. CamelCase-based wikis are instantly recognizable because they have many links with names such as "TableOfContents" and "BeginnerQuestions.


Barring Olympics, the Asian Games is the biggest event for any Indian athlete and on Monday, Chopra made it all his own, in his maiden outing in the quadrennial games.

PopularPages page of the wiki — http: Effort — shared hosting allows you to focus on the site, not the running a server.

Some editors may not realize that they have damaged the page, or if they do realize it, they may not know how to undo the mistake or restore the content. The most prominent, on almost every wiki, is the "Recent Changes" page—a specific list numbering recent edits, or a list of edits made within a given time frame.

These are produced by capitalizing words in a phrase and removing the spaces between them the word "CamelCase" is itself an example. They are often used as internal documentation for in-house systems and applications.

Prince Zuko took to power after Ozai was arrested, but continued to seek his council from time to time.Aug 20,  · J.K.

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Rowling Taunts Trump With A 'Disgusting' Rewrite Of His Latest Twitter Rant Asian Voices LIFE Style & Beauty Food & Drink Parenting Travel Finds Wellness Relationships. Prince Zuko is actually Scottish. Here is the proof - | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The two stories couldn't be exactly alike as the writers have such a strong Asian backing for the show that a Scottish king wouldn't fit.

I'm just too salty to properly re-write it all haha. Loading editor.November 16, Quote More. MediaWiki on Subdomain .htaccess rewrite) February 21, LG-Dev I am using an Apache Server (cant config apache root files) and running my core website (Invision Power) in the root domain ".

A 'Phase III software' became the first official MediaWiki, and was a substantial re-write by Lee Daniel Crocker; this was first used on the English Wikipedia on 20 July MediaWiki is compiled and written in PHP, and is probably the most widely deployed wiki engine software.

Barring Olympics, the Asian Games is the biggest event for any Indian athlete and on Monday, Chopra made it all his own, in his maiden outing in the quadrennial games.

To allow the web-server to have sudo access without compromising security the following line can be added to /etc/sudoers.

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Mediawiki re write asian
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