Legislation that govern the computing profession essay

Internet law[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with USA and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. This has also been blamed for contradicting constitutional right of the citizens to freedom of choice. The author of this essay seeks to describe the ethical considerations involved in a decision to filter internet traffic, individuals who will benefit from the decision to filter and those who will be hurt by the decision.

It has been rightly argued that imposing laws on filtering internet content serves to misinterpret the moral understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity in the community.

Professional Computing Ethics - Part 2

On the other hand, this technology has attracted a huge pool of users, all marked with diverse intentions for using computer. By imposing filtering, such professional in the computer field will be bound to engage in activities that are acceptable to the law as a tool for ensuring their economic survival in the field.

On the contrary, it is no doubt the internet services providers enjoying adequate resources to prevent, identify, and mitigate most internet crime activities such as hacking and malicious computer. The proposed legislation on mandating internet service providers to engage in internet traffic filtering is a negation of the ethical principles of equal opportunity to the users of internet services ABC It dictates that one should engage in preserving the integrity, security and confidentiality of the information of others.

Therefore, the government should engage in filtering internet content accessibility to protect our social and cultural values.

But if the celebrity has ties, economic or otherwise, to England, he or she can sue for libel in the British court system, where the standard of "libelous speech" is far lower.

Certainly, the frontier idea that the law does not apply in " Cyberspace " is not true.

For example, does the government have a legitimate role in limiting access to information? New methods of tapping and surveillance made possible by computers have wildly differing rules on how they may be used by law enforcement bodies and as evidence in court.

On the other side, filtering of information accessible via the internet is found to negate the process of enhancing public scrutiny on public officials. This has the implication that these services providers can significantly promote the process of mitigating access of malicious websites by potential victims.

This governance will arise according to the conditions of our world, not yours. As the numerous United States statutes, codes, regulations, and evolving case law make clear, many actions on the Internet are already subject to conventional laws, both with regard to transactions conducted on the Internet and content posted.

In fact, even different standards concerning the burden of proof in a civil case can cause jurisdictional problems. United StatesU.

Outcome 1: Describe the Legislation that Applies to the IT Profession

More Essay Examples on Computing Rubric On the contrary, opponents of enacting internet traffic filtering laws in the nation have cited its negative implications in compromising the right to freedom of information. Any communication containing the human voice that travels at some point across a wired medium such as radio, satellite or cable.

Although accuracy of blog information can be questionable, available authentic information sources give limited information as they seek to protect reputation of institutions. The purpose of any law in the community is to promote integrity of institutions as a tool for ensuring ethical business behavioral conduct in meeting customer needs.

In particular, the section prohibits its members from conducting activities that can potentially harm the social, cultural, and economic good of others. These forces or regulators of the Internet do not act independently of each other.

The problem of obscene and offensive material availability over the internet has been a major source of social contention in judging the ethical importance of internet as a communication mechanism.

Therefore, filtering of internet traffic is instrumental in addressing the ethical concern of compromised privacy by internet services. Types of Communication Wire Communication:Introduction The focus of this assignment is to increase our awareness of the professional, ethical and legal issues that are associated with provi Fair Use Policy Professional Ethical and Legal issues being Accountable practitioner.

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The coding system was the most appropriate in looking for properties in the area where. legislative process essays Policy making is the stage in the political process in which a bill becomes a law.

It is the conversion of interests and demands into public decisions. One of the most important rules that a Constitution establishes are those that define the policy making process.

A na. Professional, legal, ethical and social issues 1- Overview • Ways in which your profession decides what actions are appropriate and inappropriate through codes and standards, computer law, and ethical decision International standards can also govern your professional activities.

Computer Science Career essay

There are many. QUESTIONS: What are computer crimes?- What statutes govern computers use and abuse?- How was computer crimes dealt with in the past?ESSAY:The widespread use of Information Technology has created new opportunities for computer crimes.

A computer crime, /5(5). The Computing Profession. This unit is designed to cover the non-technical aspects of working as a computer professional. It concentrates on some of the less tangible background information, such as the role of professional institutions, legislation and ethics.

Legislation that govern the computing profession essay
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