How to write an interview feature article

Once you have chosen your focus, you can decide what you need to find out about and from your subject. Even though they were living in a time of need, "there was always place at the table.

If your subject is a person, read biographies, other articles or past interviews they have done. I have learnt so much from her," she says.

The neighbourhood children would often share our food. Most feature articles open with a brief descriptive scene, either illustrating the setting of an interview and describing the subject, or detailing a specific instant in an event.

Your interview source should do most of the talking, but it is up to you to steer the direction of the conversation. DeHaan was born in Germany at the height of Nazi power.

A feature is really about the subject: Your chosen scene is ideally something you witnessed yourself, but failing that, can be something you gleaned enough detail on during your interviews to write an accurate description.

DeHaan selects the principals of each school herself. You will likely need to edit your article several times to get a suitable ending you are happy with, but it will be worth the work.

You will likely have only a brief window in which to conduct the interview, so be prepared by having your questions ready and be sure to stay on topic. Research And Interviews Read up on your subject before your first interview.

Interview your sources in person wherever possible. Set up your interviews. Feature articles should inform and persuade readers toward a conclusion drawn by the writer.

Always plan a few questions before interviewing a source to how to write an interview feature article the conversation and to steer it back if it veers off topic. Your preliminary research should cover basic information, so you can skip questions meant to get that information.

Writing Your Article Open with a scene. She has promised to bear all administrative costs for the rest of her life. Even though features are longer than straight news articles, you will have a word count and you will need to focus your story to a specific angle.

The interview is up on the MSN website: My hope is that The Reading Room will also help them to become better media professionals. While Hitler was stomping all over Europe, her father, a German soldier, was killed in an American bombing raid. This final scene should serve as a conclusion to your article and be an event or description that illustrates and summarizes your main focus in some way.

And this, DeHaan says, is what brought her to what she does today. Use accurate quotes from your sources. You can conduct some interviews over the phone if they are not extremely vital to the story and are not the subject.

End with another scene. These pieces are not time-sensitive news stories, so deadlines are usually longer, giving writers more time to craft and edit their stories.

Afterwards, move on to more basic background information in the form of a brief introduction. The majority of the article should be your own words, but quoting sources, especially your subject, is the best way to truly insert them into your story and give your readers a feel for the subject.

Read this useful post by my favourite blogger, Maria Popova: Read it here to understand how to extract the extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary: And read that intro first two paragraphs again to see how well-written it is, how it complements the photograph placed above it, and how it leads up to the crux of the story in the next three paragraphs.

Use the preliminary research you have already done to find an angle that has not been extensively covered already. In fact, the transitions throughout the article work beautifully.In my work as a freelance writer/editor, the type of assignment I enjoy most is writing feature articles for magazines.

Not only do I get to delve into a wide variety of topics, but I. Nov 26,  · An excellent example of an interview-based local feature Commitscion Dipankar Paul (Class of ), who was also a co-editor of the college newspaper, recently interviewed Christel DeHaan, the founder of Christel House International, a network of schools in four continents.

How to Write a Feature Article & What Questions to Ask

Transcript of Interview Based Feature Article Steps From Q &A to polished piece of writing. Steps to a great interview-based feature Choose a topic and subject You need a reason to interview your subject and write your feature, some type of focus.

How to Write a Feature Article & What Questions to Ask. Features are more detailed than a simple news article, and significantly longer. Feature articles should inform and persuade readers toward a conclusion drawn by the writer.

How to Write a Profile Feature Article s a student journalist, your mission is to inform your peers. Your fellow students look to your work to help them understand the nuances of the environments they inhabit, and to accurately represent their experiences and views.

You can't write an article, much less a profile piece, if you don't have all the underlying information. You'll wrap up your interview either with a set of notes or a sound recording, but preferably both.

How to write an interview feature article
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