Fixing racial disparity essay

Sentencing Commission has helped fight and advocate for sentencing inequality and still continues to do so today. The War on Drugs really took off in the s, during the Reagan Administration.

If we invested our efforts into more rehabilitative services, rather than just sticking drug addicts and offenders into jail where they are likely to go back to drug dealings and usage once released, we would be helping these individuals rather than just plain punishing them.

Solutions Solutions for fixing the sentencing disparities between whites and blacks include both reducing the gap and eliminating it all together. This disparity is more than numbers. The sentencing disparity still exists. The laws called for harsh mandatory minimum sentences for drug possession.

As a result poor minorities were being punished extremely heavier than their white counterparts doing cocaine. Sentencing Commission revealed that the people being arrested as a result of these laws were mainly the low-level traffickers i.

McWhorter touched upon this very issue.

Yet, 79 percent of federal crack cocaine defendants in the year were Africans. Sentencing Commission has been a program responsible for this in the past and present. For one it will end gang wars or at least reduce them. If anything it increases the amount of deals, because it creates the need for an illegal market of drugs.

Sentencing Commission was founded in That does not mean, by any means, that we should settle for complacency or coming close to eliminating the gap. Illegal forms of income pay much better than any low-wage job. Therefore the reduction was valid and still remains so today.

It is supposed to be based on the principle that it is making our society a just and safe place. The short term method of addressing the sentencing gap is reducing it.

We would also be spending our money much more efficiently. To do this legal action and protestation must occur. Two thirds of crack cocaine users are White or Hispanic, and they generally buy drugs from dealers of the same race.

Maybe that is what we need now. The system is racist because it whether it will admit it or not disproportionately and unfairly sentences people of color for more, longer, and harsher prison terms than whites.

This just is not true. Mandatory minimums that were set for crack cocaine were the harshest offense ever adopted for a low-level drug offense. If drug offenses were less severe, it would help make our criminal justice system fairer and safety of the public would not be affected.

Having legislature that will help fix and maybe one day end inequality in sentencing is extremely important.Fixing Racial Disparity Essay - The term minority encompasses African Americans and Hispanics that live in the United States.

These special populations are often overrepresented in the criminal justice system. Racial disparity in the criminal justice system exists when the proportion of a racial or ethnic group with-in the control of the system is greater than the pro-portion of such groups in the general population2.

The causes of such disparity are varied and can in. Racial Disparity in Sentencing Essay Racial Disparity in Sentencing Lori Raynor University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice CJA/ Ron McGee September 06, Abstract In this paper I will illustrate racial disparity in.

Reducing Racial Inequality in Our Justice System President Obama should follow Attorney General Eric Holder’s lead and commute the sentences of low-level drug offenders. By Rep.

Reducing Racial Disparities in Incarceration

Steve Cohen (Dem. Racial Disparity in Prisons Essay examples Words | 6 Pages A Look at Racial Disparity in the United States Prison System Micah O’Daniel Institutional Corrections 2/22/11 Racial inequality in the American criminal justice system has a strong effect of many realms of society such as the family life, and employment.

Essay on Racism and Health Care Disparity - Is Racism the cause of Health care disparity.

In recent discussions of health care disparities, a controversial issue has been whether racism is the cause of health care disparities or not.

Fixing racial disparity essay
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