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Slot machines are much more addictive then the old machines of yesteryear with spinning lemons, cherries and melons. If your mom answers yes to any of these questions, she may have a problem.

How to Recognize and Handle Senior Gambling Problems

Some may have financial problems they are seeking to overcome. Send your senior questions to: Miller Dear Savvy Senior, How can you know when someone has a gambling problem?

There are a number of reasons why seniors can be vulnerable to gambling problems. Today, casinos operate in more than 30 states. And even if they recognize that they have a problem, they may not know that help is available or where to get it.

Convicted of embezzlement, she spent almost a year in prison. Seniors have time and money on their hands, and the influx of casinos across the country have made access to gambling much more convenient. Many adult communities, assisted living centers and even churches organize outings to nearby casinos.

Adding to the problem is that many seniors may not understand addiction, making them less likely to identify a gambling problem. Her lawyers noted in court filings that she turned to gambling in a big way sometime aroundas she continued to struggle with pain and loneliness following the death of her husband.

Compulsive gamblers are also likelier than others to show up in emergency rooms, reflecting their poor health and chaotic lives. In the s, only Atlantic City and Nevada had casino gambling.

Marilyn Lancelot lost almost everything, too: She herself blamed an addiction to gambling made worse by a brain tumordiagnosed in To find help contact the National Council on Problem Gamblinga non-profit organization that operates a hour national hotline at For starters, seniors are often catered to by casinos with free bus transportation, free or discounted meals, special rewards and other prizes as a way to entice them.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Problem gambling among seniors is definitely on the rise. They can direct you to resources in your area, including counselors who have been trained through the National Certified Gambler Counseling Program. Infor the first time, the American Psychiatric Association officially recognized compulsive gambling as an addiction rather than a personality disorderacknowledging that it shares many features with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Losing Everything to Gambling Addiction

Add state lotteries, Powerball and now Internet gambling sites, and there are plenty of ways to try your luck and lose a little cash.

You can go in any kind of weather. In the meantime, here are some questions you can ask to help evaluate her situation. Alarmingly, in one recent study, 32 percent of problem gamblers reported that they had considered suicide within the past year. Since my father passed away a couple years ago, my year-old mother spends a lot of time at an Indian casino near her house playing slot machines.

In addition, many seniors use gambling as a way to distract or escape feelings of loneliness, depression, sadness, or even a chronic health condition. Problem Gambling For most older adults, gambling is simply a fun recreational activity, but for those who become addicted to it, it can be a devastating disease that can financially wipe them out.

And some may have cognitive impairment that interferes with their ability to make sound decisions. Gamblers Anonymous offers a 20 question online test that your mom can take to help determine if she has a problem. Find Help How can you know if your mom has a gambling problem?

You should also know that while there are many gambling options for people to get hooked on today, casino slot machines are far and away the most popular among seniors.Gambling is a chronic though gradual condition that occurs when an individual is unable to control the impulse to participate in gambling,‭ ‬regardless of the impact that it.

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Mar 08,  · Understanding Gambling Addiction in the Elderly. Why is gambling becoming so popular for seniors? There are a number of possible answers; but the most important question to ask is “How do we address this growing gambling addiction in the elderly?” Why Is Gambling Popular Among Seniors?Author: Neil Rotter, MSG, MSW.

Losing Everything to Gambling Addiction More older Americans are problem gamblers, but are they betting against their health, too? by Peter Jaret and Bill Hogan, AARP Bulletin, January/February | Comments: 0. Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Gambling (Essay Sample) July 12, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Pros and Cons of Legalizing Gambling. Today, millions of both young and elderly men and women are participating in various forms of gambling. There are many people who. Elderly Addiction Gambling Gambling Addiction Senior Citizens How to Recognize and Handle Senior Gambling Problems.

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Elderly gambling essay
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