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Moreover, if the price grows much beyond this, the product will obviously be less attractive to farmers who might already be uneasy about adopting a new technology.

I have met interesting people working in different areas of development and I have also had the opportunity to attend a lot of public events in ODI across a wide range of topics.

The specific advantages of these lenses will be discussed in the following report, as will a plan for marketing this new product. Success in this region could later force farms in other states to implement the lens simply as a means of staying competitive.

Case Study Report: Odi

Despite its disadvantages, debeaking is a practice which is familiar to chicken farmers, and the labor and cost associated with debeaking a flock is reasonably well known. From a business continuity perspective, it would be preferable if ODI could obtain its lenses from two different New World Plastics plants.

For the realistic goal for ODI by is the 50 percent penetration of such farms, when means ODI wants to reach the 50 percent of The company speaks of advantages and disadvantages of the product, but focuses on its beneficial characteristics.

The decision model that accompanies the case is a heuristic model relating marketing effort to market response.

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Check price for your assignment 1 bids submitted. This case study identifies ways for the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry MRCCI to improve the quantity and quality of workforce skills in the Mandalay region, both independently and through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Since this would limit the overhead fixed costs needed to service these accounts fewer sales and technical experts required. As a means of attracting the participation of the first one or two trial farms, ODI could offer free lenses for up to birds, including insertion labor.

This step is crucial to help address the existing skills gap and to prepare Myanmar businesses to take advantage to the new opportunities the opening up has brought to the country.

This can lead to the loss of entire chicken flocks. You would think that our work is quite theoretical, but in fact it is a good mix between theory and practice and how to combine both. Mandalay is also an industrial hub. ODI developed the lens for chicken.

Moreover, lens insertion is not as harmful as debeaking. Avoiding this intermediary would help keep costs down.

I would have to say the people and the travel. Given the density of large farms n California flock size of 50, or greaterit seems prudent not only to perform the initial product introduction there but to focus the entire first year of business in this single West Coast state.

Odi Case Study

ODI specialists estimated that a trained team of workers is able to process the same number of chickens as those who debeak the birds. ODI is a uniquely stimulating and challenging environment full of smart and intelligent people broadly committed to similar principles and objectives, but also very friendly and collegiate.

In late fall ofDaniel Garrison, president and chief executive officer of Optical Distortion, Inc.ODI Case_ Group Report - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social.

Oct 24,  · ODI experts unfold other important values of lenses to farmers.

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One of the beneficial gains is the reduction of feed waste. Secondly, in comparison with debeaking, ODI lenses enable the farmers to reduce the flock mortality rate in half/5(52).

Oracle Data Integrator Case Study CHALLENGE: A global multi-billion dollar manufacturer of retail goods had a contracts process running on an AS legacy system.

The Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Report - Case Study

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DEGRP-funded research projects produce a range of publications and multimedia content communicating their research, including journal articles. ODI is a very small company seeking to introduce a radically new product that may be a viable substitute for current practice in an agricultural market.

The product is contact lenses for chickens, and it is hard to imagine a more unique product concept for which to develop a business plan.

Case study report odi
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