Case study kellys assignment in japan essay

They did not speak about the way they prefer to work and used body language more than word expressions. Kelly was very assertive with the Japanese, ordering them around and giving them only a day to make a presentation, which caused another problem with this case.

The table demonstrates the dimensions each research tested. The client had little eye contact with Kelly and was not frank with her regarding his opinion on whether they will accept the proposal or not. Moreover, training must consider several factors including employee orientation, concerned individuals orientation and perceptual and cultural toughness Mndenhall and Oddou, The Japanese addressed their work to Peter instead of Kelly.

This revealed the Japanese collective, high context and masculine culture and how different it is from the American culture. It was a holiday and positive feeling phase. This dimension may have not been taken into consideration when Kelly finalized the report and may have been a reason on why the proposal was rejected.

Kelly then realized that she had to make a decision between rejecting or accepting the assignment. All of this embarrassment felt by the Japanese is a key problem, because they do not like losing face.

Clashes were also related to the leisure aspect of life. Also, they should have made her family part of the selection process.

This is seen when she asked for his name, was close to him in terms of distance and patted him on the back. Therefore, that explains why the Japanese were shocked that Kelly was a woman, because in Japan it is very hard for women to climb up the corporate ladder. It is common in the United States to be more open and direct, which Kelly does not realize that the Japanese are not.

However, if they leave then they would not reach the third and fourth stages. Finally, suggestions of what can be done to remedy the situation are proposed.

It is difficult for the Japanese to accept a female boss. In this case, Kelly an American employee, who is a programme manager working in the US accepted an assignment in Tokyo, Japan. This is again seen as a problem when she is giving her presentation and no one asks any questions.

Japan is much lower than the United States on this scale, as they prefer warm and cooperative relations and harmony.

Moreover, as Americans do business with strangers so often, they tend not to be shy to approach people in the business world in order to obtain information. They are expected to take initiatives.

Analysis using the Case Study “Kelly’s Assignment in Japan.”

The result of being informal with them was opposite to lightning up the atmosphere which is what Kelly was trying to do. In this case, the associations linked to the crises stage can be divided into two kinds. In addition, Japan is known for its power distance culture where formalities especially with clients and employees who are of higher-level is a must.

In short, many cultural clashes due to both cultures different values arose throughout the case. If she goes with this solution, she needs to learn more about the Japanese culture and ways of doing business as soon as possible in order to become a successful international expatriate.

The Japanese employees did not feel motivated when Kelly asked them to present their ideas individually because they come from a culture where consensus plays a major role when making decisions. There are many reasons why I think this. The selection, preparation and training of a potential expatriate are key factors that reflect on the success of the international assignment.

Kelly's Assignment in Japan: Case Report Essay

Maybe there was a different employee who was ore motivated and had more experience than Kelly to do the assignment in Japan. A Review and Theoretical Framework June The honeymoon stage is when individuals feel positive when being in a different culture.

In terms of her husband, he would be searching for a job whether in Japan or the US. In particularistic societies it is more common to pass on insider information to a friend, and this is done when the Japanese primarily address their presentations to Peter, making Kelly irritated.

The second was home and daily life related. According to Uwaje the person in this stage can be described as interested, curious and open-minded. This is due to either Kelly being a female in a masculine culture or because Kelly asked peter to intervene and they took it sensitively.

Should have taken into thought, was the selection of their expatriate. More importantly, cross-cultural management is a matter an expatriate should be prepared for and which the company should give importance to. Therefore this causes Kelly to get lost in a taxi, her ids getting left out at school, and her husband unable to read directions when it comes to cooking dinner.

January 28, Word Count: First of all she has a job, and is making a higher salary than she was in the U.Supply Chain Management Case study of Seven-Eleven Japan Company A. Background Seven-Eleven, a famous convenience store, was established in and had its first store in Tokyo in May Kelly's Assignment in Japan: Case Report.

Kelly ends up accepting the job offer and moves to Tokyo with her family - Kelly's Assignment in Japan: Case Report introduction.

Kelly’s Assignment in Japan Case Answers

Once there, Kelly encounters a few difficulties with the Japanese at work. Kelly's Assignment in Japan Case Summary USA Kelly is a manager for a startup Internet services company Offered position in Tokyo - head of marketing and sales department.

In this case, Kelly an American employee, who is a programme manager working in the US accepted an assignment in Tokyo, Japan. She had little time to decide but she accepted the offer and the family moved to Tokyo.

Text Case Study #1: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan Explain the clashes in culture, customs, and expectations that occurred in this situation. Some of the clashes of the Japanese culture may have come as a shock to both Kelly. Essay on Case Study Kelly's Assignment in Japan Intercultural Management Case study: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan Read the case: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan (Chapter 9 pages: ) posted on Connect learning platform –study reflectively and identify the characters and the principal issues in this case.

Case study kellys assignment in japan essay
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