Are people born criminals essay

According to Sigmund Freud, all humans have criminal tendencies.

In this theory, genes mutate and get passed on to each descendant, concluding that some people are predisposed to criminality and they are not the same species as humans AllAboutScience.

One major challenge of our time is to discover the underlying causes of crime and to develop new techniques for preventing it. This insanity is caused by a defect in their brains which causes them to be incapable from differentiating right from wrong.

The second type is the insane criminals. Besides, some traits, such as human intelligence, depend upon a complex combination of both hereditary and environmental influences.

Some resort to robbing and stealing food and necessities as a way of survival.

Improperly socialized children may develop personality disturbances that causes them to direct antisocial impulses inward or outward. Cesare Lombroso, a 19th century Italian physician, reminded students that nurture, not nature, is responsible for criminal behavior.

The criminal by passion is the third type, where according to Lombroso, these criminals are more likely to be females then male. For example, a mother who murders her husband who was found out to be the serial rapist of daughter.

However, the psychologists of the s and s rejected this theory. Are people just born that way? Nurture proponents contend that environmental factors, such as family, school, church and community, are paramount in the development of behavior patterns. According to psychodynamic theory, when a threat becomes especially serious, it may lead to intense inhibitions and defenses.

But Jung greatly expanded the concept of the unconscious. Ego and Superego deals with how the mind works conscientiously and unconsciously. We are always unaware of the conflicts between the id, ego, and superego. Some might feel forced into criminal activities to enable them to live certain lifestyles that will achieve this aim.

The ability to control negative desires or mens rea is a natural thing. It is hoped that genetic tendencies toward crime, if they do prove to exist, can be modified by early intervention with such methods as psychotherapy, classes in effective parenting, and improved preschool education.

Criminals have been found to carry a few certain features and personality traits. Hence, a criminal can be born but shaped and influenced by the society to cultivate the criminal traits in them. Environment and parent care, peer pressure and human needs play a large part unearthing the underlying motives and causes of crime, because humans are intelligent creatures that learn from experience.

Carl Jung and Freud shared the same ideas and even theoretical concepts, including psyche, ego, consciousness, and unconsciousness Somerfield, R.Theory is an explanation that has not yet been proved.

The theory of heredity has been traced back as far as the Old Testament. However, the first systematic efforts to identify biological causes of crime can be traced back to Franz Joseph Gall () who presented Phrenology as a causation of /5(21).

Therefore the main purpose of this essay is to draw from certain theories to assist in explaining the fact that individuals are biologically predisposed to criminal behaviour.

The thought that individuals were born criminals originated in nineteenth century Italy, with Italian physician Cesare Lombroso’s book entitled L’Uomo Delinquente.

Nevertheless, the essay will take a position and argue that these criminals are made and that no one is born a criminal.

This is a behaviour some people obtain due to either by their own choice or factors from their environment. Psychologists have come up with many assumptions and intentions as to why individuals commit crimes.

Criminals are born not made is the discussion of this essay, it will explore the theories that attempt to explain criminal behaviour. Psychologists have come up with various theories and reasons as to why individuals commit crimes.

Are Criminals Born or Made

Are Criminals Born or Made; Are Criminals Born or Made. 10 October is convinced that people are born criminals as it is in an individual’s nature to commit crime.

Criminals have been found to carry a few certain features and personality traits. According to Darwin and him, we evolved from animals. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly.

I think criminals are not born but made because of certain conditions in theier lives. Committing crime is definitely not something one is born with, but gradually over time it takes place because of certain situations or circumstances that life throws at a person.

Are people born criminals essay
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