Analyzing the subplots in the count of monte cristo by alexander dumas

Sail on dear, Dantes! And who in the hell but Dantes would wait and not leave his friend. He makes Dantes remember everything about getting there and where to find the treasure.

He is like another father figure to Dantes. But she went and married freaking Fernand and had a kid. The only person to recognize Dantes, even with his disguises, was Mercedes.

But the Abbe is old and sick and having seizures. All of the jerks had a hand in putting Dantes in prison for 14 effing years! Yes, I know I keep saying that. I never thought, did I! The the jealous bastards or just bastards in general ruined life for Dantes.

I give it all the stars! Villefort I hate these men with such a passion I just wanted someone to kill their evil selves. Dantes decides to tunnel as well. At some point the two of them tunnel to each other. But Dantes and Abbe devise a new plan and this takes some years to do all of this tunneling.

Dantes is also kind to all of the people that were kind to him or tried to help him while he was in jail. They even lost the Pharaon but Dantes brings him a new one without Morrel even knowing where the ship came from.

I never thought I would fall in love with Dantes!

I never in a million years would have thought I would love this book! Abbe Faria is also the one that opens Dantes eyes to who the culprits were that put him in jail. Dantes gave them money. He helps Morrel and his family when they were about to lose everything.

Dantes was in such despair he was going to starve himself to death. He tears down their houses, their world without them knowing who he is until the bitter end. Re-Read on audio and still on my favorites list!

And he was going to be captain of the wonderful ship, Pharaon. He helped the family even after Morrel was gone. I never thought I would have so much anger, sadness, despair and happiness in this book! Dantes was friends with Mercedes son but things could never be good for them again.

And all of the riches they acquired while he rotted in jail was disgusting. Because Dantes is good and kind and loving. And to sit and read of all the plans and all of the people crumble.

I never thought I would like something like this book. I cried and cried at his generosity.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Dantes gets to meet Abbe Faria, the mad man so they say in the cell next door. He Re-Read on audio and still on my favorites list!The Count of Monte Cristo hasratings and 17, reviews.

j said: Revenge is a dish best served cold. And unabridged.

And translated from the Fre.

Analyzing the subplots in the count of monte cristo by alexander dumas
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