A career as a webmaster

Collaborate with creative staff on design and layout issues to facilitate web publishing. Those who develop a strong understanding of the role of the Internet in promoting the goals of an organization can advance to positions such as web strategist or chief technological officer.

Despite the split of opinion, webmaster certification programs are available at many colleges, universities, and technical schools throughout the United States. Webmaster Job Listings Popular Skills for Webmaster This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay.

Technical skills are of the utmost importance for a webmaster. Degrees are available from art colleges that will train you in areas such as digital animation, web content design for mobile platforms and interactive content creation. Although a webmaster sometimes assumes the role of a web designer, the main job of a webmaster is to monitor, improve, and update the performance of existing Web sites.

Webmaster Career Outlook According to the U. Additionally, many webmasters are self-employed and work on a consulting basis, handling up to five different sites at any one time. Many companies post webmaster position openings online because the candidates they hope to attract are very likely to use the Internet for a job search.

Earnings and Benefits Pay for webmasters depends on location, the type and size of the company for whom they work, and whether they are salaried employees or freelance consultants. In some cases, employers require that candidates already have experience in designing and maintaining Web sites.

Both creativity and straightforward technical skills are necessary. Getting Noticed As illustrated from the job postings, many companies consider a webmaster to be more than simply a coder and site fixer. Because keeping up with new Internet developments is an important part of the position, any time a webmaster spends online may serve as research and contribute to job performance.

Ability to think clearly under pressure Job Postings As of early Aprilthere were a large number of webmaster positions posted on Internet job sites. A personal page can contain virtually anything that you want to include, from snapshots of friends to audio files of favorite music to hypertext links to other favorite sites.

Here a Webmaster is updating a Web site for a client. The outlook for webmasters is very bright as the demand for qualified people outstrips the current supply.

However, there are great opportunities for women in computer science.

Average Webmaster Salary

Updating and maintaining Web sites can mean working late or weekend hours when user demand for site access is low. More often, webmasters use a software program that automatically codes text.

Most people who enter this field are already well versed in computer operating systems, programming languages, computer graphics, and Internet standards.

Career information Web site Salary. For example, text could be coded to be a certain size or color or to be italicized or boldface. Though Webmasters are not often responsible for creating the programs a site needs, they must, in any case, keep abreast of these changes in software.

An even better way to explore this career is to design your own personal Web page. Pay Difference by Location. Therefore, the prospective webmaster should use the World Wide Web to check job-related newsgroups.

The webmaster must perform a variety of technical tasks to make sure that a Web site works properly and can be accessed quickly by as many people as possible. The company is looking for someone with creativity and extensive experience as a webmaster and would prefer someone with knowledge of Quickbooks.

Along with coding the text, the webmaster must lay out the elements of the Web site in such a way that it is visually pleasing, well organized, and easy to navigate. People who have been in the field five years can pull in six figures. Should webmasters be certified?

These graphic elements can come from image files already on the Web, software clip art files, or images scanned into the computer with an electronic scanner. The webmaster also monitors how many people visit the site to determine if it needs to be upgraded to handle increased use.

However, many webmasters move into the position from another position within their company or have taken on the task in addition to other duties. The strongest qualification for the job still seems to be interest. Present and Future Much of the promotion and marketing of the Web has been done by individuals with small enterprises, but the desire to be on the forefront of the Web wave along with the amount of money flowing through the Web has created a feeding frenzy among major companies.

Webmaster Career

In many larger organizations, there is a team of webmasters rather than just one.Webmaster Career History. The Internet developed from ARPANET, an experimental computer network established in the s by the U.S.

Department of Defense.

By the late s, the Internet was being used by many government and educational institutions. The World Wide Web was the brainchild of physicist Tim Berners-Lee. A self-employed Webmaster can work as many as 70 hours a week, whereas Webmasters who work on company time have weeks closer to the standard hour.

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Search CareerBuilder for Webmaster Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Sep 03,  · A Webmaster with mid-career experience which includes employees with 5 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $54, based on salaries.

Job Description. The webmaster's job duties may vary due to the needs of the employer. When working for a larger company, a webmaster's job may be limited to troubleshooting, integrating or creating widgets or tools and maintaining as well as updating the site.

A career as a webmaster
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